My Yoga Story

My Yoga Story

I’ve been meditating mostly everyday since I’m 19 (I’m doing transcendental meditation), but somehow yoga wasn’t really in my focus for a long time. I had one yoga class at a fitness studio -I know, I know that’s often not what yoga really is about- and I did not like it that much. 
When I moved into the city centre of Cologne and had a yoga studio just around the corner, I gave it another try… and fell in love. This type of yoga was so different to what I experienced at the fitness studio. They attached great importance to the relaxation parts at the beginning and at the end. For me the feeling in shavasana (final relaxation) after a challenging vinyasa flow class is just so perfect, it’s hard to describe. You are so present in this moment, in your body and you know what all the physically demanding “exercises” were worth for – to get your mind calm for a few minutes. There is a kind of similar feeling in deep mediation but somehow it is different. Our mind is constantly working – we are thinking, analyzing, observing the whole day about the past, future and present moment. It is so normal that we hardly notice it. As a result, the silent moments are so rare that we appreciate them even more. It is all about letting go of control that can feel so liberating. 

In contrast to the relaxing parts of yoga, I also love the various asanas (yoga “exercises”) combined into a challenging flow, moving with the rhythm of my breath. I am just starting to learn the benefits of all these different asanas, which is so interesting. In the beginning, I would never have thought that you can actually release hidden emotions by getting your body into a special position. 
It is amazing to observe how my body changes from time to time and what asanas I am capable of doing that were not possible in the beginning. You just have to be patient and always watch out for your bodies limits. 
One of the first things I noticed that changed through yoga physically was my lower back pain. I sometimes had problems with it after standing or walking for a long time. As long as I practice regularly, my pain is completely gone. This is so magical. If you have problems with back pain, please give yoga a try. It helps so much as you’re building muscles in your back and doing lots of stretching that releases tension. 

At the end of last year I reached a point where I just wanted to learn more about yoga and decided to do a teacher training. 
I knew straight away that I wanted to do it abroad and that I wanted the 4 weeks intensive workshop instead of the 2 year long version. After some research I was determined to do the 200 hour multi style teacher training in Goa, India in October. You can read more about my experience here.

One of the most important things I learned through Yoga is that it brings us back in contact with our bodies. That is not just relevant for our health in general but also for the way we nourish ourselves and the ability to listen what’s really good for us. I got into a bit more detail in the “About me” section, if you are interested. 
The relationship with our body should be the most important one in our lives. It is a true miracle of nature and we should be grateful for it every day.

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