The Local Water Filter

The Local Water Filter

I recently had a profound realisation. As you might know from my blog/Instagram, I am quite aware of what I put into my body and I love to contanstly learn more about a healthy, balanced nutrition. Without a doubt, food is a major part of a healthy lifestyle, BUT as we drink about 3 litres of water per day, shouldn’t it have the same importance?

At least for me, the awareness about the quality of water was nowhere near the quality of food. It might have to do with the fact that tap water is considered one of the best-controlled foods in Germany. Without a doubt, we do have quite good tap water in comparison to other countries in Europe (and obviously to most countries in the rest of the world). We can use it for washing our veggies/fruits, cooking and even drinking straight from the tap. I did this for a quite a long time. 

The control of tap water is based on the Drinking Water Ordinance (“Trinkwasserverordnung” in German) and sets limits for various chemical, microbiological and radiological substances that appear in our water. However, for hormones, herbicides, pesticides and the over 50,000 approved drugs, there are no sufficient limits. These get into our water through our excretions and those of animals. Furthermore we have to consider “limits” as what they are. They do not mean that pollutants / toxins are completely removed from our water.

The quality of water is being measured at the waterworks. One thing I didn’t know is that the quality might change drastically on the way through all the water pipes until it comes out of your tap. Depending on when your house was built and what kind of pipes were installed, your tap water might get some nasty additives like heavy metals. So it is possible that the applicable limit values ​​are not met.

My parents have been filtering water for many years with one of those expensive filters that can make alkaline water. I always thought that there exist either those types or the simple filter pitchers. The latter have been criticized a lot as they do not remove toxins and may make tap water even worse by polluting it with bacteria that form in the filter. 
Now the good news: There is something in between! When I found The Local Water* I was super excited that they produce filters that are affordable and thoroughly purify water. You can either get the simple version (like I did) that is being installed right at your tap. By turning a small valve you can switch between filtered and unfiltered water. The filter stands next to the tap at the basin and you have a separate small tap through which comes the filtered water (see picture).

local water
Even though I am not at all technically gifted, the installation was super easy.  If you want to have the filter hidden, you can also buy an under-table unit. 
After installing the filter I was very curious if I could really taste a difference to the unfiltered water. I filled to glasses – one with filtered and the other with unfiltered tap water. The first thing I recognized were tiny micro particles swimming around the unfiltered tap water. The other was completely clear. 
It’s hard to describe the taste of water but all I can say is that there was a major difference. The filtered water tasted fresher and smoother when swallowing. The unfiltered water created a kind of “furry” feeling on the tongue if you know what I mean. 
I honestly wouldn’t have thought that the same tap water could taste so different. 

local water

Every six months the filter needs to be changed. A new one is being send to you by The Local Water automatically right on time except you chose to order by yourself. So you do not need to keep track on when to change the filter – very practical.

Here is a short overview of what is being filtered out of your tap water:

  • 99,9995% of bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides, fungicides & herbicides
  • Odors & discoloration
  • Medication residues, hormones and heavy metals
  • Micro plastic & fine particles from pipelines

At the same time it protects and preserves all valuable minerals. Furthermore you might even feel a difference as it optimizes the removal of pollutants from your body, increases your energy and performance and prevents various diseases. Filtering water is also great in an ecological and economical way, as you avoid the use of PET bottles and thus the production of plastic as well as the CO2 emission through transport.

If you are interested, you can check out more information on their website*.

Do you use a walter filter? What are your experiences? I would love to hear about it. And feel free to comment / send me a message if you have questions about it.




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